Bodhi Mind

Bodhi Mind

The Bodhi Mind (Bodhicitta) is the most important ingredient in Buddhism.
What is Bodhi Mind? The mind that perceives the real behind the seeming, believes in moral consequences, and that all have the Buddha nature, and aims at buddhahood.

Hank Fu

Dalai Lama’s words about Bodhi Mind
Bodhi Mind
State of Pure Bliss
Finding your way
Generating Bodhi Mind
Complete Accordance
Absolute Bodhicitta
118 parables of Bodhicitta
A brief teaching on Refuge
Discussion of the Vehicles
Commentary Bodhicitta
Bodhicitta by Ganden Tri Rinpoche
Bodhicitta by Zacep Tulku Rinpoche
More teaching by Zasep Tulku Rinpoche
The Perfection of Dharma
The graduated path to Liberation
Bodhicitta by Lama Tarchin Rinpoche
Bodhicitta by Lama Zopa Rinpoche
Middle Path is based on Bodhicitta
Cherishing others
Bodhicitta by Hui Hsin
Search for Inner Peace
Breathing Bodhicitta
Buddhism of Wisdom and Faith
Creating your mind’s oasis
Taking responsibility
Daily life
Everybody loves something
Forming the Bodhicitta resolve
Antidotes to not understanding how to acheive Enlightenment
How to generate Bodhicitta
How to practice the Dharma
In praise of Bodhicitta
Kirchheim Retreat
Training the mind to be happy
Meaning of the Bodhi Mind
Aspirational Bodhicitta
Taking refuge and awakening compassion
Bodhicitta Q and A
The Diamond Sutra
The Sixfold Sublimation of Limitless-Oneness
The teaching on aspirational Bodhicitta
To resolve and to develop
Turning the Wheel of Dharma
Understanding the need of spiritual practice
Vajrasattva Purification
What is Arising of Bodhi Mind?
What is Bodhicitta?
102 parables of Bodhicitta
Method for meditating with Mani Wheel
Monastic’s Mind
Selection of Prayer
Interview with Joseph Goldstein
Two types of Bodhicitta
Architect of one’s life
Aspiring Bodhicitta
Barriers versus Boundaries
Benefiting sentient beings through the gradual path to Enlightenment
Mind of Awakening
Bodhicitta Offering
Bodhicitta Heart Teaching
Attaining the highest Bliss of Buddhahood
Not a thing to attain
Bodhicitta Prayer
How to be the universal in Buddhist sense
Studying our suffering
Dedicating Merits to All Beings
Discovery as a Bodhisattva
Teaching of the Sutra of Earth Treature
Work Retreat
Global mistrust
How to develop compassion?
Why I emphasize the whole system of Buddhist Philosophy
How to develop the Bodhicitta of Kunda
How to develop the Bochicitta of victorious significance
Who is the Buddha?
Door to Wisdom
How to perfect the Bodhi Mind?
Why all beings are our benefactors?
Purification Practice
Lines of Experience
Bodhisattva way of life
Tonglen Practice
The Wheel and the Path of Self Perfection
How to perform the Bodhicitta of Conduct
Kinder than the Buddha
Letter from Ponlon Rinpoche
The way to follow a teacher
Love and Compassion
Mind in Buddhism
Prison Dharma III
Questions about karma
My journey as a Buddhist
Shunyata – Emptiness
Taking Refuge in the Bodhicitta
Purification of Obstacles
The Bodhi Mind by Thich Thien Tam
The Confession Practice of Vajrasattva
The Diamond Sutra
The eighteen root Bodhicitta Vows
The good, beautiful, and true is in us
The love that never dies
No distinction
The need for mind Training
The practice of compassion
The relative and ultimate truths in the Dharma

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