Human need or corporate greed?

by Bernard Jensen, Ph.D, D.C.

Health advertisements that advise you to take care of only those individual parts of the body expressing symptoms, constitute one of the greatest deceptions that have ever been.
For example, ads once said they could get rid of cold symptoms for 6 hours at a time. Now they have it up to 12 hours. What they used a year ago has now been doubled in strength. Sales pitches are not aimed at improving anyone's health profile; their purpose is to sell the drug. The motive is purely profit.
We know from the American Cancer Society and American Heart Association that cancer and heart disease kill more people in the U.S. than all other causes of death combined. We are finding now that vegetarianism will help cancer and heart trouble. Drugless doctors have known this for at least 40 years.
The macrobiotic diet has been of great help for heart troubles, because meat is limited. Pritikin has done a great deal of good for heart disease in his health centers by emphasizing a very low-fat diet and exercise. This diet cuts the meat intake to a minimum - in fact, it's cut out. The body responds when meat consumption is limited as is the stimulation to the heart that comes from red meats - especially beef, but ads continually tell us we need to have beef.
Let's take up the fat problems. Restaurants and supermarkets sell us steaks and roasts marbled with fat, but they don't tell us that saturated fats settle in the body in a sort of 'fat plaque' in the main cardiac arteries, causing narrowing of the arteries. This interferes with blood circulation in the body and contributes to heart attacks. If we have to wait until there is a cure for heart disease, and take drugs to reduce the risk, we are going to have to treat the side effects of the drugs we are taking later on.
Foods that help reduce cardiovascular disease are being promoted, but we are told to take an aspirin a day also. We don't need the aspirin!
The cancer society should be talking about good foods. They should be talking about all the chemical food additives that are contributing to cancer. We are not going after the culprit. We punish a criminal when he is convicted of raping someone, but the food industry is getting away with the rape of the human race that is far worse than anything I know.

Drugs and toxins
Toxic sprays have to kill 18 people before we actually wake up. Drugs, alcohol, smoking and pollution are crippling the minds and bodies of the next generation. Science is 20 years behind in finding solutions for this situation. What kind of human race are we going to have left when science comes up with its proposed answers?
Every drug, food and fertilizer derived from petrochemicals will have to be abandoned in the future. They aren't doing the human race or planet Earth any good. Every one of these petrochemical drugs is suspected of being cancer producing. Pharmaceutical companies are making record profits, while farmers are losing their shirts. Those who are working to benefit society by growing healthy foods have the lowest profit. Those who are doing the greatest harm to the human race are making the most money.
I wonder if our sky-high sales of tranquilizers is motivated by real consumer need or by corporate greed? Today, one out of seven people is taking tranquilizers that produce dangerous side effects. Drugs like these create the need for iatrogenic medicine wards. It is time corporations stop pulling the wool over peoples' eyes. It is time the people show how fed up they are with cures that don't cure.

The right diet
Why is it that we have to fight to get people to eat the right foods? If we had to turn our sick people over to the medical profession, I don't know 10 doctors who could set up a menu or diet with the right foods so a person could get well from diet alone. That is a truly sad situation.
Many people who are trying to use health principles don't even have a scientific background, college degree or accredited license. Yet those who do seem to specialize in topics like the effect of oat bran on blood cholesterol levels. Why do they go only halfway? They have discovered only one way. There are a least 15 other foods that could lower cholesterol.
Oat bran is just a craze going through the country, just like the fibre craze. Kellogg advertises that it has a cereal with the proper amount of fibre for lowering the risk of cancer. Kellogg is awakening to the things people are concerned about. They also advertise a muesli cereal the Swiss were making over 50 years ago. Where have they been?
Until we raise our consciousness to the level where we are not going to use chemical substances that will destroy people, we are not going to have foods that are worth eating. Nature is destroyed in the food chemistry laboratory. True health-building foods have to be whole, pure, fresh and natural. You cannot stray from this because all the drug companies are advocating temporary relief. We move symptoms around and chase diseases. We look for a cure and yet we are developing new diseases faster than we can ever take care of them.
I believe there will be no cure to the modern disease epidemic until there is a change in consciousness. The cure does not lie with the people who are running the drug businesses and the medical establishment. It's time people stand up and speak the truth. We have to take care of the basic substances that are causing the greatest health problems, and we have to face the profit motives that fuel the industries that are contributing to the problem.
Bernard Jensen, Ph.D., D.C., opened his first healing practice in 1929. He has become one of the foremost authorities on holistic health and still lectures and tours.
Source: Healthy & Natural Journal, December